Montesorri Approach & STEM Education

Encourages hands-on exploration and cognitive skills


Curriculum at Little Hands is inspired by children’s curiosity that often motivates them to explore and experiment. We believe that both Montessori Approach and STEM Education benefits are able to unlock children’s full potential.

Integration of Montessori Approach and STEM Education Concepts & its application focuses on 3 key areas:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Self- Discovery
  • Active learning

The spirit of this integration is to stimulate the curious minds of the young learners and allow them to explore, analyze and learn to apply logical & critical thinking in solving problems.

Our Partner

We collaborated with ALFA and Friends (745426-P), a leading provider of STEM-focused preschool education program to incorporate STEM education suitable to preschoolers.

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum at Little Hands Preschool & Daycare Centre are as follows:

Language Arts

Our carefully designed curriculum brings out the interest towards language through reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Children will learn the fundamental of language through a structured method with special emphasize on reading and writing.


At Little Hands, we commit to make learning experience fun and enjoyable. This led us to adopt Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) that allows children’s fine motor skills development through exciting activities.

Little Scientist (STEM Program)

Little Scientists is an age appropriate exploration and play based program to  engage young minds in the wonderment of the world around them.


Focusing on 6 knowledge domains : Life science, Chemical science, Physical science, Earth science, Space science and Scientific inquiry, children will be exposed to critical thinking, analytical skills and hands-on scientific skills.

Euler Maths (STEM Program)

This Euler Maths program prepares young children’s early exposure to basic maths topics, ie. numbers, money, fraction, measurement, and geometry, and ensures their readiness toward learning higher mathematical concepts.


We aim to assist young children to build up early mathematical concepts and skills through purposeful play and experiential learning. 

Social & Personal Development

Through the integrated curriculum, participation in hands-on exploration and incorporation of daily activities in learning, children will be able to enhance their social interaction, and experience a wholesome development.

"A good education is a foundation for a better future"

– Elizabeth Warren

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