Our preschool program is designed to provide a platform for children to express themselves and explore the world. Their curiosity fuels the creativity and stimulate their cognitive skills.


Our curriculum is an integration of Montessori approach and STEM education which emphasizes on wholesome development. Our aim is to bring out the full potential and “SMART” qualities hidden in a child.


We strive to assist children in preparation for academic demands of primary school while building character.


Please refer to our preschool curriculum for more details.


4 - 6 years old


8.00am - 12.30pm

Preschool Curriculum

At Little Hands we believe in quality early childhood education. Our aim is to provide a platform that allows children to enjoy learning while building their intelligence and character. Our focus is to provide a wholesome learning experience that is not limited to academic excellence. Soft skills and social development are just as important.

Montessori Approach

Montessori Approach has been widely adapted by many educators promising a quality early childhood education.


The benefits of Montessori Approach are largely focused on hands-on learning, collaborative play and self- exploration.


As supported by many studies, children are seen to be more motivated and independent in learning with enhanced social skills.

STEM Education

STEM Education on the other hand is focused on enhancing one’s Cognitive skill that is the core of 21st century skills.


STEM Education nurtures creativity and ingenuity that leads to new ideas and innovation. Critical thinking, problem solving, and logical thinking skills nurtured at early age encourages resilience and stimulates exploration in 4 important disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


STEM Education also develops scientific skills that encourages experimentation, knowledge applications and observations.

"The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn"

– Maria Montessori

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